Fixing Work

Amar Guriro as a Fixer, interpreter

Amar Guriro has also worked as fixer, interpreter and guide for several renowned international and foreign journalists including Steve Inskeep—author of Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi, Julie McCarthy of NPR, Nicholas Schmidle who was deported by Pervez Musharraf government, Griff Witte—the Deputy Foreign Editor of The Washington Post, Declan Walsh of New York Times and many others.
Few of those international journalists are mentioned here.

Worked as fixer on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)’s award winning short film
Worked as fixer with American broadcast television network, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)’s team of award winning short film, the “Outlawed in Pakistan“, made by Pakistani-Canadian journalist Habiba Nosheen and German journalist Hilke Schellmann, that won Emmy Award for it’s heart-wrenching story of a rape survivor, Kainat Soomro.

Steve Inskeep
The host of National Public Radio (NPR)’s Morning Edition
Guriro worked with Inskeep as media fixer, interpreter and fixed several appointments for his Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi.

Julie McCarthy

National Public Radio (NPR) USA
Pakistan Bureau Chief

Guriro worked with Julie McCarthy as fixer, interpreter and guide when she was covering Super Floods or Pakistan Floods 2010. Guriro worked with her for several days and visited Sukkur, Shahdadpur, Dadu, (Kotri Bridge on River Indus) Jamshoro, Thatta and other parts of Sindh who badly affected with floods.McCarthy wrote in her note for Guriro, “Amar Guriro is in very good – very smart and thoughtful guy, good journalist. He’s a go-getter, got me thru the floods in Sindh. He was a joy to work with. Heartily and happily recommend that you try to connect with him. You won’t be disappointed – quite the contrary.”
Nicholas Schmidle
American Journalist
Guriro worked as fixer and interpreter with Schmidle when he was covering the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Followed by Bhutto’s assassination, her home province Sindh witnessed history’s worst ever violence. Just on the third day of Bhutto’s assassination, Guriro took him to Lyari town, Karachi where angry Jiyalas (hardcore activists of Bhutto’s PPP) were mourning her assassination. Just within few days of his visit, Schmidle was deported from Pakistan by former dictator Pervez Musharraf regime for his article “Next Gen Taliban” that appeared in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.

Griff Witte
Washington Post

Amar Guriro worked with Griff Witte, the Deputy Foreign Editor of The Washington Post, in October 2008 in Karachi when Witte was covering assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Griff Whitte was working at that time as the bureau chief in Kabul, Islamabad and Jerusalem for The Washington Post.

Frederic Bobin
French Newspaper Le Monde

Bureau Chief for South AsiaGuriro worked several times with Bobin as fixer, interpreter in Karachi. Bobin visited many times Karachi and worked on burning on containers belong to NATO forces in Afghanistan and other stories.

Kim Barker
Chicago Tribune

Foreign correspondent for South AsiaGuriro worked with Barker as fixer in early 2008 when she was covering the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Guriro traveled with Barker to Sukkur, Larkana and Ghari Khuda Bukhsh where Benazir Bhutto was laid to rest.

Sam Mednick
Contributor Barcelona, SpainGuriro worked as fixer and interpreter when she was covering Sindh Monsoon Floods 2011 for He took her to flood hit areas of Badin and Thatta districts.

Balazs Gardi
Hungarian Photojournalist
Amar Guriro worked with award winner Hungarian freelance photo journalist Gardi in Karachi when he got an assignment from WaterAid-UK to cover the South Asian slums. Guriro helped him to get into the one of South Asia’s biggest slums—the Machhar Colony in Karachi.

Declan Walsh
New York Times
Bureau Chief Pakistan

Guriro worked with Walsh when he was covering issue of conversion of a Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari who became Muslim and married a young Muslim man. The issue forced Hindus and some of the Muslim extremists to stand against each other, who live peacefully, otherwise. Guriro visited Sukkur, Ghotki, Bharchundi Shrine in Mirpur Mathelo town of Ghotki where the conversion was held. Guriro’s stories, features and investigative reports can be found here